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About Our Company

Apttude provides customer focused finance solutions through the team with right attitude and aptitude that understands a range of local markets. As mortgage-holders ourselves we understand how complicated and overwhelming the process of obtaining a loan can feel without professional guidance.

That’s why Apttude breaks down the complex process into easy steps and takes you through each detail in a stress-free way. At the end you can walk away relieved and enjoy the feeling of owning your own asset; house, car or business.

Our boutique structure gives you a mortgage solution specific to your needs, and ensures you get fast access to our expertise. We pride ourselves on our communication and customer service.

Apttude can cater for all finance needs, including ongoing support once we arrange the finance.

Whether you are buying your first house, an investment, vacant land, a commercial asset or a car, we can guide you through from your initial questions, through to post-settlement services.

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Our Services

First Home Buyers

Breaking down the entire process into easy steps, and navigating you through to move into your own house with a feeling of joy.


So you have already done it once, but you’re looking to take the next steps in property investment. It starts with the right professional advice and strategy to guide you.


Weigh-up your options, see what aligns with your short term and long term objectives. We compare all the options and educate you to make informed decisions.

SMSF Loans

How can you make wealth and secure your future by investing through this structure? We help you choose a lender that works in this space and provides economical products.

Commercial Loans

Discuss your business needs with us; from short term cash flow, buying a commercial asset, to running business or franchise. We have many options and know how to help with your finances.


Asset Finance and Car loans, Personal Loans, something more specific? Get in touch to discuss any other loan needs you have in mind.

Our Valuable Clients

Irina was fantastic to work with and broke down all the information for me in an easy to understand manner. She was always available to answer my questions and provide guidance, would not hesitate to recommend Apptude to anyone!

- Ruby, Elwood

“We were looking for someone who could help us understand finance from banking point of view and to guide us maximize and grow our savings. After first meeting with Irina, I knew exactly what we had to do. She has been very helpful over the years and has helped us in making the right decisions. Irina has been handling our finances for almost 5 years and I have never felt that we could get a better deal or advise from somewhere else.”

- Maham and Farhan, Tarneit

"My first broker put me in the too hard basket, Apttude knew the right approach and got me my house. Thanks again Irina"

- Clint, Dandenong North

Irina is a true professional, well versed with the market, approachable and easy to work and communicate with. product knowledge is Irina's forte which makes understanding easier.

– Yasir

Dear Irina,
You made the process of getting a loan so simple. With your vast knowledge and experiences, we felt at ease all the way from the start until settlement. And, you really have a great network not only with banks but also with conveyancers. Thank you so much for assisting us in our journey.

- Timothy, Croydon

"Irina has been amazing to work with and has made my home loan journey much easier than I expected it to be. She is an excellent communicator and her knowledge is second to none. I would highly recommend Irina to anyone who is looking to get a home loan."

- Kishore, Junction Village

Ïrina was fantastic to work with, she was very responsive, easy to communicate with and we felt confident going through the process of buying our first home with her. I would highly recommend Irina to anyone who is looking for an experienced Melbourne broker."

- Claire, Wyndham Vale

I am very satisfies with the services provided by Apttude and Irina and will be happy to recommend them to anyone.

- Nandar, Noble Park

"We have availed Irina's broking services on a few occasions and, even as we pen this testimonial, she is helping us arrange another home loan. We find that she is excellent at what she does - organise the best home loans. She has always been very affable and prompt in communicating with us. Given our circumstances, she looked at various options available and, at all times, had our best interests at heart and suggested the top options that benefitted us. She is very diligent and has always provided great service to us. We have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone who is looking for the best home loan solution for them. "

- Danny and Shalom,Clyde

Multiple Loan rejections from other agents, an ongoing penalty from the Developer due to delay in settling the property. We would have never faced this awful experience in our life if we had proceeded with you when we met for the first time. After burning all the bridges, we approached you without any second thought; you took up the case and solved it with your numbers magic. Your greatest asset is extensive knowledge and patience in listening to customer needs and tailoring loans according to their financial circumstances.
Thank you, thank you

- Lavanya Naveen TARNEIT

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